[Shared from HillHouse] “Hillary is Divisive and Polarizing” – How Election 2016 Has Actually Debunked This Caricature

I just posted this and thought this group would find it of interest. As I wrote this up, I had in mind an eventual target audience that might be college+ whites (esp. women) and a portion of white millenials. However, it’s written to make it easier for HRC supporters to press the point with HRC critics that she’s not really polarizing or divisive – in other words, the reality of HRC does not match the perception of HRC esp. among the GOP voter base.

I decided to first do this as a tweetstorm…rather than as an article. I’ll planning to compile the tweets later and will provide a single link for those who might be interested. What I did here is to go through a history of many positive things that Republicans have said over the years about HRC – from her time in the Senate and then when she was SoS, then endorsements in 2016 from GOP officials, GOP-leaning editorial boards, business people etc. The main objective of this was simple — to demonstrate that contrary to the conventional wisdom, a deeper look at what’s happening today shows that Election 2016 has finally added some cracks to the long-standing (false) caricature of HRC as “divisive and polarizing”. It’s thanks to both Hillary and ironically, Trump – as I explain in the tweets.