GOP Eulogy GOTV – Part 1

Please check-out this video that friends and patrons of DC Conscious Cafe, on H St NE, WDC, came together (volunteered) and produced to GOTV (get out the vote). Although the video is hilarious, it has a poignant message–especially at the end–that should compel the disenfranchised and discounted to vote. Please help us get the word out by sharing the video and posting it on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Published on Sep 30, 2016

Donalditis, a toxic virus, wiped out the GOP and Minister Palin (visiting from Russia) is performing the eulogy. This GOTV, political satire will make you laugh and understand the dire ramifications of ”The Donald” being elected President of the US. “Vote to Stop the Virus – Donalditis”, Bumper Stickers available at Part 2 to be released on 11/19/16

ABOUT THE CAST FOR THE COMMON GOOD: We are friends and patrons of DC Conscious Cafe in WDC. The comedic, alarming and “incorrectness” of the GOP’s 2016 Presidential Campaign compelled us to produce this PSA to GOTV to the disenfranchised and disconnected voters. No funds were received from politicians, special interest groups, donors or a PAC. This was a volunteer project for the common good!