Condolences for our Members

A number of our members have been experiencing death in their family or circle of friends this week. Coupled with the other sad election and post-election news of the past week, many of our members have been left in the depths of depression.  

Whether we experience the loss of a family member, friend, co-worker or the loss of a job, a relationship or even an election, the bereaved person goes through the same painful stages of grief.  Sadly, when we are faced with a current loss, there’s a tendency to begin feeling all the hurt of previous losses in our life, so the culmulative effect can be overwhelming.  With that in mind, I ask that you be in prayer for our members, some of whom who have shared their losses, but I’m sure there are many others who have not shared their hurtful losses, so we pray for them too.

Please in prayer for:
Ella Gilbert who lost three of her first cousins this week, two of whom were sister and brother. Two of her relatives’ funeral will be held tomorrow, November 18, 2016 and she is having a difficult time.
Linda Jefferson who has lost her dear friend and church member, Gwen Ifill who will be funeralized on Saturday, November 18,2 016.  Several other DCFDW are also church members and, of course we mourn the loss of a brilliant political journalist who was known to speak truth to power.
Laura Hill who lost her long-term friend Leoander L. Lee after a long, difficult illness.
Blanche Drakeford and Family who lost her only child, Theresa Drakeford after a brief, yet intense illness.
The is, in fact, a balm in Gilead to soothe the soul. God is still able to give us peace.  Be encouraged.
Hazel Thomas
DCFDW President