Metro Women’s Democratic Club

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President- Estelle Mathis Lloyd

First Vice President- Andrea Murray

Third Vice President- Abigail Truhart

Corresponding Secretary-Pat Bitondo

Recording Secretary- Lisa Wray

Financial Secretary- Helen Hancock

Treasurer- Janice H. Davis

Parliamentarian- TBD

DC Democratic State Representative

DCFDW Representative


Program and Planning


Legislative Committee



Constitution and Bylaws


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Congratulations on your decision to join the Metropolitan Women’s Democratic Club! You are joining the ranks of an elite group of women who have been active in political and civic affairs in the District of Columbia since 1960. Our club supports and espouses the tenants of the Democratic Party; and is engaged in Democratic politics in the District.

In addition to working in District political campaigns, we participate in the activities of the DC Democratic State Committee, the Democratic National Committee and the National Federation of Democratic Women. We are closely aligned with the National Women’s Democratic Club, the oldest women’s Democratic Club in the United States.

Additionally, we work with ward Democratic and civic associations, sponsor networking and political meetings; and we also work in Democratic campaigns. We have a number of activities that we sponsor or co-sponsor annually and our signature events include:

  • MWDC Speaker’s Series
  • DC Federation of Democratic Women Women in Blue Advocacy Day
  • DC Federation Policy Forum

We have also have established a Political Action Committee and a Foundation. To be effective as a voluntary organization, we need to have individuals who support our mission, purpose and vision, so we invite you to join us and join in the work of this exciting organization!

MWDC History

The Metropolitan Women’s Democratic Club of Washington, DC, was organized in March 1960. Always in the forefront of political action, the women of MWDC understand that only through continued participation can goals be realized. Highlights of the club’s activities in the political arena include:

  • Participation in presidential campaigns and inaugural activities since 1960
  • Participation in local and national political elections
  • Conducting voter education workshops
  • Organizing petition drives for legislation germane to the District of Columbia
  • Sponsoring voter registration drives
  • Launching and operating MWDC BIG VOTE (as part of the 1980 U.S. Census efforts)
  • Attending and hosting National Federation of Democratic Women Conventions
  • Assisting with Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Workshops and Activities
  • Honoring African American female mayors and elected officials around the country
  • Participating in District, National and Federation Political Action Forums
  • Sponsoring Statehood press conferences, forums and workshops
  • Participating in women’s rights activities
  • Fundraising for the homeless
  • Participating in civil rights and anti-apartheid movement activities
  • Participating in Statehood civil resistance
  • Creating and promoting Women in Blue Advocacy Day
  • Working with the DNC and other political organizations on statehood and national presidential campaign canvassing



The Honorable Muriel Bowser
Mayor, District of Columbia
Former Council of the District of Columbia (Ward 4)

The Honorable Anita Bonds
DC Democratic State Committee Chair, Council of the District of Columbia (At-Large)

The Honorable Yvette Alexander
Council of the District of Columbia (Ward 7)

The Honorable Estell Mathis Lloyd
Former Democratic National Committeewoman, DC Democratic State Committee

The Honorable Pat Elwood
DNC National Committeewoman (alternate)

The Honorable Janice Haynes Davis
DNC National Committeewoman, DC Democratic State Committee

Ella Creech Peete
DC Democratic State Committee

Windy Carson-Smith
DC Democratic State Committee, former Chair Children and Youth Investment Trust and former board member United Medical Center

MWDC Founders

Arebella Dennison

Mildred Carr

Margaret Stewart

Marnette Jackson

Bertha Lomax

Ethel Payne

MWDC Past Presidents

Ethel Payne                        1960-1962

Marnette Jackson             1963-1968

Laline Harris                      1968-1970

Eloise Turner                     1970-1974

Delores King                      1974-1978

Mary Ivey                            1978-1982

Schnelle Wilks                   1982-1986

Roberta Hair                     1986-1988

Janice Davis                       1988-1990

Sammie Williamson       1990-1994

Donna Ellis                        1994-1998

Roberta Hair                      1998-2002

Mary Parham Wolfe       2002-

Alice Love                           2010-2012

Sharon Shanklin Brown   2013-2014

Winifred Y. Carson-Smith 2014 –

MWDC National Officers

Janice Haynes-Davis, National President               2010-2010

MWDC Honorary Members

The Honorable Nadine P. Winter
Council of the District of Columbia

The Honorable Charlene Drew Jarvis
Council of the District of Columbia

The Honorable Linda Cropp
Chair, Council of the District of Columbia

The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton
U. S. House of Representatives

The Honorable Sharon Pratt Kelly
First Female Elected Mayor, D.C.[/two_third_last]