DCFDW President’s Message

Welcome to the DC Federation of Democratic Women (DCFDW) web site. The DC Federation is one of the oldest and only federated Women’s Clubs in the District of Columbia established in 1972 as a means of supporting, training and preparing women for elective office in the D.C. Democratic Party; and for supporting the election of candidates at all levels of the Democratic Party. The DCFDW is a member of the National Federation of Democratic Women (NFDW) with chapters in 34 states including Puerto Rico. Our mission is to: promote candidacy for women, advocacy, mentoring and training to empower and successfully engage women at all levels of the Democratic Party.

Throughout its history, the DCFDW has supported the Democratic Party and has strived to secure parity and fair representation of women at every strata of the Democratic Party organization.   Through our many activities, including our annual Women Power Legislative Summit and our Women in Blue Lobby Day, we remain active in the political arena to make certain issues of most importance to women, families and children are addressed. Over the years we have established five priority areas: affordable housing, domestic violence, education, health and wellness and transportation. As such our site is to keep you informed on issues, resources and events and to engage you in our outreach efforts.

The Federation is comprised of two clubs, the DC Dems and the Metropolitan Women Democratic Club (MWDC). Both clubs work together to comprise the Federation. Individual clubs meet monthly, the Federation meets quarterly. To become a member of the DCFDW you must join one of these clubs. Join today and make your voices heard.

Dorinda White, President