D.C. Democratic Women’s Club

D.C. Democratic Women’s Club


President Jeannette Mobley



President – Jeannette Mobley

Vice President – Vivian Wilds

Recording Secretary – Celeste Garcia

Corresponding Secretary – Selerya Moore

Treasurer – Nancy Harvin

DC Democratic State Committee Rep. – Jeannette Mobley


President’s Message

On behalf of the DC Democratic Women’s Club, I extend a cordial welcome to you for your interest in our organization, which is one of the District of Columbia Democratic clubs that comprises the DC Federation of Democratic Women.

Our club was established by a group of women, who were interested in supporting the programs and policies of the State and National Democratic Parties; to stimulate interest and educate the women of the District of Columbia in political action strategies and to create a liaison between the community, the District of Columbia, the Democratic State Committee and the National Democratic Party.

Today, we as younger members and some of our senior members are following in the footsteps of those trailblazers, who have led the way in this city to help get many women and men elected to public office. We are honored to claim our efforts in getting the first female mayor of the District of Columbia elected to office. And fast forwarding to our current mayor, many of our members worked tirelessly in the campaign of Muriel Bowser to help her get elected as the youngest female mayor of the District of Columbia.

We are committed to encouraging women to strive for the best and make a difference in society. We can all attest to the tremendous accomplishments women are making by leaps and bounds leaving their marks in history. No longer are women just satisfied to stand in the shadows of men, but they can hold whatever position a man holds, and women are preparing themselves to take the gavel and run with it.