Condolences for our Members

A number of our members have been experiencing death in their family or circle of friends this week. Coupled with the other sad election and post-election news of the past week, many of our members have been left in the depths of depression.   Whether we experience the loss of a family member, friend, co-worker […]

DCFDW Newsletter 11-17-2016

DC FEDERATION FOCUS: Many thanks to Pat Bitondo, Linda Jefferson, Diane Martin, Jeannette Mobley, Gwendolyn Smart, and Windy Carson Smith for traveling to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in support of the PA Federation Awards Brunch Chairperson, Dr. Carolyn Collins; and the PA Federation President, Gwen Collins. We were especially pleased to be present to witness former PA […]

Tampon Tax Axed!

TO:   DCFDW Members and Friends SUBJ:   Open Thank You Note Windy, What good news!  Thank you for being on the cutting edge of this policy so important to women, children and families in the District of Columbia.  We really appreciate you sharing this impending legislation with the DC Federation and for exposing its […]

DCFDW Newsletter 11/02/16

COUNT DOWN TO VICTORY – ONLY 6 DAYS UNTIL NOV 8TH UPCOMING EVENTS & IMPORTANT DEADLINES NOVEMBER Until Friday 3 Early Voting from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Early Voting starts at the Columbia Heights, Chevy Chase; Takoma Park Community Centers; Turkey Thicket, Sherwood and King Greenleaf Recreation Centers; Benning (Dorothy I Height) Library and […]